Anne Desmet at the Holburne Museum

Anne Desmet at the Holburne Museum


Anne Desmet RA is an award winning artist who specialises in wood engraving, linocuts and collages. The techniques she uses in her work are amazing to see as they are often engraved on small surfaces using intricate tools and details. The St.Pauls collection of engravings were all done on slices of a Holly tree from her mothers garden. As a hardwood the cutting and mark making in the surface is even more impressive.

The series travels from day to night with the sky patterns and details changing in style. Really beautiful up close.


Cut out and illuminated. A different effect based on the St.Pauls series.


Seashells and fragments of pottery with their own distinct patterns add another dimension to some of her collage work. Using carefully cut prints of her lino and wood block work the illustrations are then glued onto the different surfaces.