Bristol Based Papersmiths opens Shoreditch Pop Up

Bristol Based Papersmiths opens Shoreditch Pop Up


A shipping container full of Stationery porn? Yes please. Bristol based stationery, books and magazine boutique Papersmiths is a local favourite of our designers and they have now expanded to the big city. Taking residence in Shoreditch Boxpark their shipping container is brimming with beautiful, colourful and practical pens, notebooks, cards and reading material that provide a veritable feast for the eyes.


A central peg wall feature creates a flexible wall display zone for seasonal product displays and changing merchandise to keep the small space relevant. Wooden details subtly link to the Clifton interior but that is where the similarities end. Matt tiles in salmon pink cover the floor and majority of the walls while raw wood finish units double up as storage and display.


The introduction of terrazzo behind the shelving adds interest and depth but doesn’t fight with the products on display.

While areas of the space are quite dark and products aren’t especially lit, this is not off putting at all and in some ways adds to the warm and inviting feel of the shop.

We could quite easily have purchased everything.