London Design Fair 2016

London Design Fair 2016


Here are a few things that caught our eye at this year's London Design Fair. There were some exciting materials and techniques on display this year.

The Nature Lab presented by the Crafts council is an immersive installation of British craft. The idea of the 'Lab' is very topical at the moment and something that we are talking about in the field of retail especially. The concept of trialling and experimenting with new designs, forms and techniques is important to stay current and keep people interested.  Six makers have developed radical new ways to transform natural substances such as clay, sand, wood, salt, flowers and ice into elegant pieces of art. In an exhibit filled with open display stands, this immersive corner created a memorable experience.

LDF 05.jpg

Etsy created a simple neutral backdrop enabling their makers to shine.

Cardboard wall panel fabrication. We've seen cardboard engineered furniture, but how often do we see it applied as a wall substrate? Italian company Corvasce Design present an interesting case.

LDF 10.jpg

Pimar Italian Limestone have created an architectural wall tile in large panels and varying colours and patterns.

Tile patterns are an interior design staple at this point. The more unusual the geometry, colours and patterns the better. Whether used in retail, hospitality, exhibit or residential projects. The popularity of tiles shows no sign of slowing down.

LDF 06.jpg

Aggestrup are a new furniture brand from Denmark. Established this year their approach is about being mindful and allowing yourself to stop for a moment. The focus is on materials and form, simplicity and adding value to people's life; 'life values such as silence, awareness to yourself and your guest'. As with the Nature lab, in a busy exhibit space, the quiet presentation of the #80 furniture collection was as impactful as that of it's shouty competitors.

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